Frequently asked questions

How can I book?

At the restaurant, see the Manager or by phone.
Visit for restaurant information.

How do I find a restaurant that runs Birthday Parties?

There are more than 58 participating restaurants that run Birthday Parties nationwide.
Click here to find the party restaurant nearest to you.

Can I order outside of the set birthday menu?

Yes, You are free to select from our entire menu but additions and modifications outside of the Happy Meal®
Choices menu will incur additional costs.

When do I pay?

Pay at the McDonald's restaurant when your party finishes.

Can I change or cancel my booking?

Yes you can. We encourage you to update the party restaurant on comfirmed guest numbers. All modifications,
including cancellations, can be made up to 2 days before the party by calling the restaurant and letting them know.

Can I get McDonald's invitations for the guests?

Yes, we offer complimentary McDonald's birthday invitations. These can be collected from your booked party restaurant.

Can I bring my own cake?

Yes, you can bring your own cake. We also have an iced chocolate sponge cake that you can purchase.

As a parent or guardian, do I need to stay to supervise?

We require at least one parent/guardian to supervise the party whilst the McDonald's Party Crew person is busy entertaining the kids and serving the food.

What is in the party bag?

There will be a range of items and goodies for each birthday guest to take home and play with.

Why aren't all restaurants participating in Birthday Parties?

We have selected McDonald's restaurants around New Zealand that offer the best facilities to you and your child
on their magical day. Click here to see which party restaurants are available near you.

What is the Birthday Party Cake McDonald's offers?

A soft textured Chocolate Sponge Cake* iced on top with a white butter cream, and piped with Purple trim on the outer edge, A McDonald's themed frill is wrapped around the cake.

(*Ingredients; Cake; flour, sugar, oil, egg, cocoa, milk powder, sodium bicarbonate, leavening agent, salt, flavouring, coffee, colour (122, 132, 133, 150, 155), stabilisers (420, 422, 1520), preservative (216), water added. Icing: Sugar, glucose, butter confectionary fat, xanthan (E415), water added.)

How long do we get the Party for?

Each party is 1.5 hours.
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